Science Podcast Idea

Oyster larvae raised in favorable (high) pH conditions (left column) and unfavorable (low) pH conditions (right column). Figure from: Barton A, Waldbusser GG, Feely RA, Weisberg SB, Newton JA, Hales B, et al. 2015. Impacts of coastal acidification on the Pacific northwest shellfish industry and adaptation strategies implemented in response. Oceanography. 28:146–59.

For the course I am taking at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, I will need to produce a 3 minute podcast. I’ve been brainstorming some ideas, and I think I would like to create an introduction to what will be the final chapter of my dissertation: testing whether different populations of shellfish can acclimate and/or adapt to ocean acidification.

A general outline of what I want to talk about:

  • What is ocean acidification (OA) and why is it a problem?
  • Describe how shellfish are already being negatively affected by OA, and why we should care (they are ecologically and economically important).
  • What do we know about the evolutionary responses of shellfish to OA (talk about some key studies)? What do we still need to work to understand?

Fitting all of the things that I want to discuss into 3 minutes will definitely be a challenge. I am seeking some feedback! Is this a topic that you would be interested in? What aspects of it would you like to learn about the most? I want to use my time in the most informative and efficient way possible. Please leave comments or suggestions below!


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